Seaways Yachting

Entrust to us your keys, we will take care of everything

Enjoy your yacht without constraint; we take care of everything annoying!
General maintenance, repairs, supply and installation of equipment, general monitoring, personalized services to the owner, administrative matters, boat delivery ... We are your Boat Captain!

Yacht cruising training courses

Sailing is becoming easier and more accessible to all … but would you know how to react in a particularly difficult situation?
Our experience has led us to provide two simple and effective training courses with a fully state-qualified instructor.
You can therefore learn to sail safely and fully enjoy your future sailing holiday!

Our second hand boats

Seaways Yachting offers you selected and checked pre-owned boats.
Please do contact us for more details.

Optimize your sailboat !

Benefit from our experience to improve and personalize your yacht. Whatever you need - elements of comfort, aesthetics or performance - we have the solutions to make your sailboat unique!