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Oceanis 31

Exterior design

The Oceanis 31 is the ultimate small family cruiser and boasts a classic timeless profile. The cockpit gives you a strong feeling of safety, since manoeuvring is made easy. Again safety and simplicity are given due importance when accessing the sea by a small aft gate on the skirt. Sailors keen on high-performance will like the Performance Pack (Elvström Windward 300+ sail). Available with three different draughts, including a beachable version, it can be adapted to any sailing area.

Interior design

The choice of the interior ambiance depends on very different woods, light-coloured oak or mahogany, as well as the option of separating the fore cabin by a bulkhead. A joy to live on, the Oceanis 31 offers a spacious and very practical galley, as well as a well-proportioned saloon. You will love the aft cabin and the generous space in the shower.

Loft-style or greater privacy?

The spirit of the Oceanis 31 is summed up in the choice of these two different interior layouts. She is a cruiser that can be built around the lifestyle of her owner. Whatever the version, the layout makes movement easy on board and she has optimized storage spaces.

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Loft version

Designed with an open spirit inspired by the space common in a loft, this version has a forward cabin with no bulkhead. It opens onto the saloon creating a large amount of well-ventilated space inside the boat. It is the ideal layout for a couple.

Bulkhead version

With a real private fore cabin, this version defines space clearly to provide greater privacy. It is a layout that suits sailing with friends or children.


Lenght over all:9.66 m
Hull beam:3.39 m
Light displacement:4850 kg
Fuel tank capacity:130 L
Fresh water capacity:155 L
Engine power:21 HP
CE certification:B6/C8/D10